At the AUAS, the project Cross-cultural Data Visualisation will run as a ‘minor’, which is a full-time 5-month program granted with 30 ECTS (European Study Credits). The project will be a mix of offline and online activities and assignments. We want to develop and align offline activities together with our international partners, in order to make sure every student can do the assignment in his / her own environment. As well, we will provide online lectures, discussion groups, and coaching sessions and create online material that can be used freely.

There are different types of collaboration:

  • Student exchange. If your school or university and the AUAS have an exchange agreement, students can come to Amsterdam and join the project on location.
  • Join a part of the program online. We can imagine you would like to collaborate but don’t have the time and space in your curriculum to join for 5 full-time months. In this case, you could participate in a smaller project within the program. For 4 weeks, for example.  
  • Run a parallel minor / 5-month project online. If the curriculum of your school allows you to run a project with a similar time span of five months from February to June, we could do the whole program together.

Let’s meet up and talk about the possibilities!
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We’re expecting that students that are joining (a part of) the project remotely and online, will be coached by a teacher from their educational institute and will receive study credits accordingly. We want to make sure students are committed to their work on the project. From experience, we know that if the students’ work is rewarded with study credits, often the motivation is higher.