Greetings from Amsterdam: cultural video portraits

The CCDV students in Amsterdam spent their time last week researching the different cultures and nationalities that live in the city. (There are people of 180 different nationalities living in Amsterdam). They made 5 video portraits about 5 different countries: Mexico, Ghana, Romania, Turkey and Canada. They examined how these cultures are represented in Amsterdam by interviewing people. Check it out! We are very curious if you recognise things…


Interview with Bianca Vergara, now living in Amsterdam but born in Mexico. In this interview we got to talk to a fantastic woman who was originally born in Mexico but now lives in Amsterdam. A small introduction to the differences in culture and how she incorporates her Mexican culture in her dutch kids’ daily lives.

Mexico – by Maika and Dennis


Canada – by Floris and Kaj


For the project ‘Greetings from Amsterdam – the cultural video portraits’ we’ve focused on the Ghanaian community that lives here. We’ve conducted desk research and interviewed Wendy – one of the 25,999 Dutch people with a Ghanaian migration background in the Netherlands. We have also made a field trip to the area that is densely populated by the African communities here – Zuidoost. That’s the place where most of the 2295 Ghanians officially registered in Amsterdam live. That resulted in the video shots that we used during the editing of the final version of our cultural video portrait. We were nicely surprised by the richness and vividness of the Ghanaian peoples and their culture. We also reflected on the difficulties in establishing one’s identity and feelings of belonging in the second-generation migrants. We hope that you’ll enjoy and learn some new things while watching our video, just as we had while making it! Greetings from Noa and Aleksandra 🙂

Ghana – by Noa and Aleksandra


We have interviewed Vlad from Romania to see if there is any cultural difference or similarities between Romania and the Netherlands. This is the result. We chose to go with more of a podcast way of making the video. Not too many questions read out loud and tried to make more of a cohesive story of it.

Romania – by Simon and Jeffrey


We interviewed a Turkish man who is living in the Netherlands since two
years. Our concept was a computer virus which kept showing popups. He
talks about his experiences in Amsterdam and the differences of the
Dutch and Turkish culture.

Turkey – by Lisanne and Stijn