Welcome to week 3 of project 1!

We are very curious to see what you did with assignment #2. Please, upload your work on the Miro board. Preferably before 11:59pm (23:59) monday March 14.

This morning, information designer Stefanie Posavec gave a super interesting lecture. You can find a video recording of it here:
Link to the lecture from Stephanie Posavec

On the project 1 page you can find more info on the next assignment, assignment #3 (hand drawn personal data visualisation). What can you do this week:
-Watch the lectures for inspiration on the assignment
-Watch the video with Marc where he explains what the assignments is or check out the .pdf.
-Team up with your international team to discuss how you will visualise the data you collected. If you can’t find the list of groupmembers, here it is: International Groups
-Visit the online meetings on tuesday or thursday to discuss your work and ideas with teachers Marc and Christian.

Check out the project 1 page for more!